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Sublime Metallic Subtlety, by Adriana Nicolau.

Transforming a space into something welcoming and luxurious is not an easy task. Adriana NicolauThe well-known interior designer, Adriana Nicolau, living in Madrid has mastered the technique like no other in her field, turning the most sumptuous designs into warm, comfortable spaces with a unique touch for each client.

Adriana Nicolau
Photography: Blog Modeh Magazine

Adriana's projects stand out for their distinctive personal touch. The designer can make anyone who walks into a space for the first time feel right at home, with the peace and quiet of a well-known, loved spot.

The key lies in an innate ability to combine styles and features, coupled with a meticulous selection of antiques.

The "travelling interior designer", as some describe her, knows and regularly visits places with a long history such as El Rastro in Madrid, le Marché aux puces in Paris, the Souk in Marrakesh or even demolitions or makeshift spaces where Adriana is able to find veritable jewels.

Metallic basins. A Very Special Option in Adriana Nicolau's Projects

In their projects, technological applications such as metallised rectangular washbasins by BDELUX, which provide that resistance and singular beauty capable of enhancing details and moving the observer. In one of its latest commissions, the Large 304 countertop washbasin from the Flash series appears together with a fine grain stone, a metallic facet and wall lights, also in gold.

adriana nicolau

This exquisite combination provides an irresistible air of luxury and refinement without overpowering the ambience. With clean and elegant lines, this designer washbasin brings added value and excellent functionality to your décor, infusing the project with Adriana Nicolau's own personal designs.

Discover how to create a distinctive space with personality through the latest trends in Bdelux metallic washbasins.