Metallising, laser decoration or printing any image on objects has never been so easy and convenient for both public and residential projects.


tecnologia - Bdelux

Physical Vapour Deposition (PDV) Technology is a clean, eco-friendly technology that employs nanotechnology to produce glossy or matte metallic finishes and any other metallic finish, enabling the piece to be fully or partially coated.

Such technology makes metallic surfaces long-lasting and robust.

tecnologia bronce - Bdelux


Bronze and copper are one of the hottest decorative trends. Thanks to our in-house research and production process, our customers can create different shades or versions of these finishes.

tecnologia plata - Bdelux


Our silver finish provides a unique surface to objects, creating a mirror effect with semi-polished areas, giving a more aesthetic finish to any interior design piece.

tecnologia oro - Bdelux


The Gold finish is one of the most sought-after finishes for 2020. Any space or product coated by our gold finish immediately takes on a luxurious, long-lasting appearance.


laser - Bdelux

LASER technology enables us to create effects, customisations and texture changes on any product or surface. We create genuine decorative effects with your designs or our design department's suggestions. It is a great opportunity to create your own customised product, something new and truly innovative.

High-definition surface abrasion of any material creates changes in gloss, colour or texture depending on your project's needs, something that we always explore with our clients.


impresion digital - Bdelux

Thanks to the digital ink jet printing technology, we can accurately reproduce any photographic image on ceramic tiles or floors. This new technology enables interior designers, architects and artists to customise any project in full colour and with photographic resolution: murals, façades, pillars, swimming pools, etc., as you have never imagined.

The sky is the limit. BDELUX brings any corporate idea or concept to life.