New Bdelux Catalogue

Bdelux presents the Comeback Beauty of Metallic Finishes in its New Catalogue

New Bdelux Catalogue

The latest ideas in interior design and decoration capture the return of luxury, elegance and gloss as one of the biggest trends of the upcoming seasons.

Being one of the few companies at an international level with the capacity and technology to metallise, laser decorate or print any image on objects, Bdelux Bdelux presents in its new catalogue with all the decorative and customisation options available to its customers across its three divisions Bathrooms, Luxury tiles and Projects.

Metallising, laser decorating or printing any image on different objects has never been so easy and affordable.

Nuevo catalogo de bdelux

Architects and interior design professionals or individuals drawn to these trends will find the right solution among the pages of the new Bdelux catalogue to bring originality and personality to your projects which only a high quality metallised finish such as Bdelux can provide.

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Bdelux Sanitary

The Bdelux Sanitary collection, with a wide range of washbasins in 15 shapes and multiple finishes, different sizes, versions and metallised styles, marks a qualitative leap forward in the traditional concept of the washbasin, rising to a new level and transforming it into a jewel of exquisite décor.

Bdelux Ceramic

In its Ceramic division, Bdelux offers the most sophisticated professionals a wide and complete range of ceramic tiles with the most elegant gloss and matte effects and in the most up-to-date formats and designs.

Bdelux Projects

Finally, the combination of cutting-edge technology and 15 years of experience in metallising projects, laser design and digital customisation make the Projects division at Bdelux the perfect choice for the conception, design and execution of projects (public or private) with a signature style of their own and all highly original.

New Bdelux Catalogue

Discover the latest trends and decorative metallic finishes in the new Bdelux catalogue.