DECOR GEOM FINAL F 4  1482x635 - El OTH del ITC propone los metalizados dentro de sus tendencias para 2020/2021

ITC's OTH offers the metallization among its 2020/2021 trends

The Observatory of Habitat Trends (OTH) and the Ceramics Observatory have prepared a comprehensive report aimed at professionals, which includes trends that affect surfaces in the home setting, decoration and sectors such as furniture, ceramics, textiles, home décor and more.

This report has been written by a large panel of experts from different fields and companies.

Within the ETHICAL LUXURY movement, we propose a new generation of premium materials and finishes that compel designers to rethink their approach to luxury, with a focus on environmental awareness. Metallic finishes are the driving force behind the refined, sophisticated touches inherent to luxury.

These metallic effects play with and create light effects, causing reflections and refractions.

The refined, sumptuous glamour is accentuated by brass or bronze metal surfaces, not to mention matte or gloss gold.

Iridescent finishes and liquid-look glosses also create multi-coloured metallic surfaces on washbasins, ceramic surfaces and other items with geometric textures and patterns, exploring a sense of fluidity and uniqueness.

Experts recommend that new spaces and living areas be decorated with rust-controlled surfaces as a way of achieving a variety of "uncontrolled" effects on metals. Another growing trend is surface wear techniques that add value over time.

In short, a wave of innovative surfaces, multicoloured metal surfaces, iridescent finishes, brushed and galvanised effects, matte gloss and liquid looks that create visually evolving spaces.

This is good news for BDELUX, which has continued to invest in these finishes over many years, improving surfaces and offering aesthetic solutions for all types of products and interior design projects.