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Why Choose a Round Basin for your Bathroom Design?

A simple detail can dramatically change the look of a bathroom. The key is to choose a visually strong piece, an object that attracts attention while also being trendy.

A clear example of this is the washbasin. Opting for a round basin means investing in a winning combination when it comes to modernising a space. They are today’s hot topic on our blog.

Round Washbasin to Rejuvenate your Bathroom

Indeed, round or circular washbasins are not only in vogue in 2020, but are a timeless aesthetic accent that will give your space a distinctive flair.

Get a fashionable accent piece that is also functional and allows for a multitude of decorative schemes. This is the key to modernising a space simply. From this element, stage 2 of the decoration process could begin in which the other bathroom components would adapt to the main piece, but this is something that could happen later on.

The washbasin as a bathroom’s centrepiece

A spectacular lamp, a piece of furniture that stands out, a circular mirror... could be that key piece, but today the washbasin has become one of the star objects in bathroom décor. The proof of this is in the multitude of shapes, finishes and styles that exist on the market.

Among these, the round or circular washbasin stands out.

lavabo redondo - ¿Por Qué Elegir un Lavabo Redondo Para el Diseño del Cuarto de Baño?

Opting for a round washbasin enhances the modern, avant-garde look of the bathroom. And if you choose a round countertop washbasin, that modern look will be even more spectacular.

This type of washbasin will enhance the furniture or shelf that comes with it. Plus, it will add height to the area and comfort during use.

For more information on the benefits of a countertop wash basin, please consult the following link.

Infinite Decorative Options with a Round Countertop Basin

Choosing a round (or circular) countertop basin for your bathroom design means selecting an item that exudes style and originality. Enjoy endless decorative choices thanks to the multiple combinations that can be created with the surface on which it will be installed.

Round countertop basin + surface, two elements that allow an infinite number of combinations.

It all depends on the look you are trying to achieve.

For example, if you opt for a wooden countertop or a refurbished wooden piece of furniture, you can achieve looks such as:

  • Countertop basin with a matte copper finish for a truly rustic style.
  • Round washbasin with a gloss matte finish for an industrial flair. Adding accessories in black chrome to the space will produce an exceptional result.
  • Round washbasin with a glossy golden finish to achieve an Elizabethan air.

You can create truly spectacular spaces if you take your time and get to know all the available options.

Circular Washbasin with Metallic Finish

At BDELUX we have a wide range of countertop basins with gold, copper or silver metallic finishes. we offer round washbasins in gold, copper and silver metallic finish. Eye-catching features.

They attract attention, not only because of their elegance and sophistication, but also because of their originality.

Select a gloss finish for a higher impact and a matte finish to make the round washbasin an important piece without overpowering the décor.

Or, let us add a metallic finish (gold, silver or copper) to your original basin if you want to keep it or give it a new look.

The key to a bathroom renovation is within easy reach, you just have to take the plunge.

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