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Bathroom Trends for 2020: Countertop basins.

This is one of the TOP trends in interior design this year, specifically in bathroom design. Namely, countertop washbasins. You can read all about them in this post.

Countertop basins. The New Décor Addiction.

They are truly addictive amongst decorators and interior designers. More and more people are switching to countertop washbasins and, especially, to the round or circular ones, the coloured ones and the most special ones: those with a matt or gloss metallic finish.

Washbasin: From a purely functional feature to the centre of attention in your bathroom.

The days when washbasins were simply a convenient piece of equipment in the bathroom are over. We are grateful for this enthusiasm, because now, in addition to being a functional element, washbasins have become an essential design "must have" when it comes to decorating a space. If you are looking for a trendy, elegant and eye-catching touch, opting for a countertop basin is a smart choice.

Circular washbasin on top of a glossy gold metallic finish

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What is a Countertop Basin?

With the boom we have seen in washbasins as a core part of interior decoration, a plethora of formats and styles have emerged. So, sometimes it can be confusing to pinpoint what a countertop washbasin actually might look like. Let us shed some light on this question.


Countertop washbasins are basins that rest, as their name suggests, on a countertop or surface. Such countertops can be a slab made of any material or even a piece of furniture. And here is where one of its main advantages lies.

Why choose a Countertop Basin?

There are many advantages to choosing a washbasin of this type to design a bathroom:

  • Easy to install.
  • Practicality. They are very comfortable, practical basins for everyday use, both when it comes to cleaning and hygiene, and in day-to-day use. People do not need to bend over as much. Plus, they offer a little extra height.
  • Wide range of shapes and finishes. Countertop washbasins have been so successful that a multitude of decorative possibilities have emerged thanks to their many shapes (round, oval, square washbasins, etc.) and finishes (colours), round countertop washbasins metallic, matte and glossy, with textures...)

They can be installed on any surface as long as its structure is strong enough to support the weight. The possibilities are endless! This base will support the washbasin and can consist of a marble or ceramic base, a wooden panel and even a restored piece of furniture not originally intended for this purpose. Any chest of drawers or bedside table, for example, can be used as a base for this type of washbasin and give the bathroom that special touch you were looking for.

These versatile decorative features make countertop washbasins suitable for all styles, from vintage to minimalist, and from eclectic to rustic as well.

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Countertop Washbasins with Metallic Finishes.

A striking, trendy feel to the bathroom comes from a countertop basin with a matte or glossy metallic finish.

In gold, copper or silver, a countertop basin will become the central decorative feature of the space.

Combine a countertop washbasin with a matte copper metallic finish and a stylish wooden cabinet for a rustic or industrial flair.

Opt for a countertop washbasin in a gloss gold finish with a black marble base for a classic, elegant and sophisticated bathroom.

Choose a silver-plated countertop basin with a glossy or matte finish for a futuristic and eclectic design and match it, for example, with accent pieces and fluorescent highlights.

The possibilities are endless. So, the question is: which style best suits each designer's decorative needs in the bathroom projects?